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Home Products

We carry a variety of home products to complete many jobs around your household. Our most popular products are shown below.

All Purpose Cleaner

Handmade item. Our All Purpose Cleaner tackles all sorts of jobs around your home. Powered by naturally derived ingredients, this eco-overachiever will do wonders on any hard surface. Use it on floors [including wood], walls, bathroom fixtures or even your car. No job is too big or too dirty. 16 fl. oz.

Price: $12.00


Glass Cleaner

Handmade item. Our ammonia free Glass Cleaner leaves glass surfaces streak-free and spotless clean. With a biodegradable formula, our glass cleaner is powered by naturally derived ingredients. Powerful cleaning cuts through film residue, safe on glass, mirrors, appliances, stainless steel and sealed granite. 16 fl. oz.

Price: $12.00


Linen Spray

Handmade item. Infuse your linens, room and body with the healing magic of lavender 4 fl. oz.

Price: $15.00